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Built Like a Gun — Goes Like a Bullet

Built Like a Gun are a North East based Rock and Roll band.


Comprising of frontman Robb Hood (lead vocals, guitar), Redhead (drums) and part-time model and musician friend Dan Cuddihy (bass and Backing vox), the group came together when Robb had a handful of demos that got people pretty buzzed upon first listening, so they began recording their first release.


Their sound is hard to pin down, showcasing various influences on different tracks; think retro rock n blues with a touch of soul. If you like the Stones and the Black Keys mixed up with a little Leon Bridges and Alabama Shakes, well, you’re gonna be happy.


Built Like a Gun, or BLAG, take their name from an old advertisement for Enfield Motorbikes, who began making rifles for Britain during WW1.


With their sights set on festivals next year, they have recently recorded three brand new tracks in Blank Studios, Newcastle, ready for release beginning this summer alongside live shows.


June 2019 will herald the release of their first single, “Before the War” – telling the tale of a breakup like a hero vs. villain showdown that sounds like its been ripped straight out of Peaky Blinders — and showcases the fact that this isn’t your usual leather clad in black, run of the mill, alternative indie rock band.


Acoustic Cover

This lush little Kings of Leon track was recorded live during the Bungalow Sessions in the way way back.
One the most listened to tracks on the BLAG Soundcloud, sit back, relax and see why this soulful and sweet rendition is an afternoon delight.

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